About MIA Organic

We believe what goes into your body matters. By eliminating all chemicals in the production process, and using only 100% organic cotton, we can provide you with a healthier, safer tampon that is better for you and the environment. Our sustainable tampons are designed to be as comfortable as possible, while maintaining excellent leak protection. We offer a convenient subscription service that makes your period even simpler, reducing the guesswork of how much product you have left or when to buy more. You only need to set up your subscription once and off you go!

We are loud, and we are proud. We’re activists in the period conversation, vocal in the fight to change the perception of periods as taboo, and menstrual products as luxuries. Access to menstrual products should be a right, not a luxury. As of today, 25+ million people in America are struggling with limited to no access to menstrual products. We are fighting this reality with our #MIA1FOR1 and MIA Angel Programs, which provide a month’s worth of tampons to people in need for each subscription month. In partnership with hand-selected Non-for-Profit Organizations, these tampon donations can impact millions of women across the country.

Join the #MIAVOLUTION today and become part of the change.

The MIA Organic Team